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Supporting our community in wholeness 

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there is an opportunity to go beyond defining community as simply 'living in proximity'.  Let's explore what it means to be in real, meaningful connection with others where we are felt, seen and heard...and where we learn how to offer the same to others.  

Our mission here at The Lilley is to provide a safe space where community members can learn, grow, and be nurtured.  Where joyfully expansive, new experiences, and educational workshops abound.  Where we are welcomed even when we're struggling. Where our learning curve is held in compassion. Where everyone is invited to be themselves, just as they are. Where daring to bring more awareness, love and support into our lives is encouraged. Where it is understood that each of us pursuing our own individual wellbeing means a thriving community for us all.

Through experiential learning, wellness, and connection, we aim to build community, both near and far, that rejoices in creating a thriving, healthy, safe, compassionate, and supportive future for ourselves and our children.  Where we and those we hold dear feel felt, seen, heard, held, understood and loved.

The need for connection and community is primal
As fundamental as the need for air, food and water 

-Dean Ornish

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