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Biohacking With Care

At The Lilley Center, we are dedicated to honoring the whole person. Body, Mind, Soul.  

While we honor the wisdom of ancient practices like Ayurveda, intermittent fasting, breath work and meditation, and the undeniable benefits of rejuvenating rest, time in nature, connection and clean eating.....we also believe in biohacking!  Especially biohacking with care. 

Biohacking technology enhances the body's ability to repair and heal at a cellular level using modern technology and research.  We have acquired the latest state of the art biohacking equipment and brought it to our beautiful little town of Baker City, Oregon.  

Now here's the thing...modern day biohacking culture can be intense and intimidating. We're not into that.  We want everyone from high school athletes to seniors to feel comfortable and cared for while receiving treatments.  

Our focus is solely on caring for people who wish to improve their immune systems, brain function, athletic performance and respiratory recovery, as well as, lower inflammation, reduce fatigue and detoxify the body. 

We are proud to be one of the few centers in our area to offer such a range of equipment and look forward to sharing the benefits of both ancient and modern healing with you! 


The art of living well in the body is to listen. It will tell you everything it needs. 
-Sumir Brown

Personal Wellness Retreats

We offer customized health & healing retreats for those individuals seeking to accelerate their health goals and healing needs in a thoughtful, effective and nourishing way.  Personal Wellness Retreats are tailored to your specific needs and combine the benefits of our biohacking treatments alongside Ayurvedic healing techniques and customized nutrition.  

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