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As you may know, the body is almost always it’s own best healer.  But sometimes it needs a little help – a jumpstart if you will.  HOCATT acts as a jumpstart for every system in the body.  It’s all-natural and synergistic in nature, and HOCATT acts as that booster that puts the body in a place where it can do what it does best…restore and optimize itself. 

The HOCATT is known for being astoundingly powerful. Designed to potentiate and optimize your biology and body, it is the ultimate wellness device that synchronizes, times, and choreographs 10 of the most powerful technologies to deliver some pretty incredible benefits. Convenient, relaxing, and easy 30 minute sessions detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and burn up to 600 calories.  Many clients feel and experience benefits from their very first session.  


  • Advanced, Whole-Body Detoxification

  • Whole Body Inflammation Reduction

  • Improved Circulation (Up To 200%)

  • Stress Reduction In Your Body's Systems

  • Burns Up To 600 Calories Per Session

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress

  • Delivers A Collective Response

  • Reduction Of Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Scars And Fine Wrinkles


We encourage you to learn more about the HOCATT. Their website provides valuable information and education. 

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